Pepper is a specialty product carefully selected in the raw material areas in Dak Nong province with many good uses for health.


Product Description:
100% Natural No Preservatives No Colorants No Fragrances Black pepper seeds are grown and cultivated in sustainable raw material areas in Dak Nong to create pepper products with characteristic aroma and pungent natural aroma. Pure pepper does not use preservatives, flavoring agents, firm pepper, is not flat. Especially completely say no to the mixing of impurities and chemicals into the product. Black pepper seeds will help your dishes taste more delicious and attractive as well as help food digest more easily. In addition, when using pepper for dishes, it will help stimulate your taste buds, so that you can eat more deliciously. In addition, pepper contains many nutritional components and is used as a medicinal herb to treat and support many health problems such as: treating coughs, colds, supporting the digestive system, stimulating appetite, help with weight loss...
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