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Fertilizers, fake pesticides, poor quality spread on the market

Thuong Truong | National Steering Committee against smuggling, trade frauds and counterfeit goods (Steering Committee 389) said that the status of trading in fake fertilizers, pesticides of poor quality, of unknown origin is still taking place. , the effectiveness of management and inspection is not high, causing great damage to agricultural production activities of the people.

Building a project of pork trading floor in Ho Chi Minh City

(ANTV) - In TP. Ho Chi Minh City, Department of Industry and Trade of the city has just held a seminar to collect comments on the project of pig trading floor.

Experts from Landustrie and Pro Vietnam engineers coordinate to successfully install 02 air supply units at the GreenFeed wastewater treatment station.

With the support of experts from Landustrie, Pro VN engineers coordinate with construction contractor engineers to successfully install 02 37 kW Landy 7 surface air generators for oxidation-to-public technology. The main technology of the Waste Water Treatment Plant for a safe pork farm named Vietnam Village in Hong Son Commune, Ham Thuan Bac District, Binh Thuan Province is invested by GreenFeed Group.

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