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Building a project of pork trading floor in Ho Chi Minh City

The main content of the project is the livestock facilities, wholesale markets will transact directly on the floor, traders do the task of transporting and logistics. The floor is expected to have the same operation method as the stock exchange with 4 participants: breeders - offering pigs; wholesale market traders - buying pigs; traders - abattoirs and independent quality and information inspection agencies. In particular, farmers and buyers are the main actors to decide the price, then hire the service of other entities. According to Department of Industry and Trade HCM, the relevant units have ended the research phase and prepared to submit to the City People's Committee. HCM research results and policy approval. Arrest detainees for buying fertilizer from agents Causing a series of frauds for fertilizer agents of people in Dong Phu district, Binh Phuoc province, with only one trick is to pretend acquaintances, then bought fertilizer and fled. Subject Tran Van Cuong was arrested by authorities, prosecuted for fraud.
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